BSB: Developing Bahrain’s next generation of leaders


The British School of Bahrain was established in Adliya in 1995 to provide British education within Bahrain. It was founded as a school with a family feel that supported individual students through pastoral care.

The school has evolved from its humble beginnings as a villa school in Adliya and transformed considerably into one of the most sought-after schools in Bahrain – now serving over 2800 students from over 90 nationalities in its Hamala campus.

Today, the British School of Bahrain is a proud member of the Inspired Education, a leading global schools group operating on five continents with over 70 schools worldwide. By being a member of Inspired, the British School of Bahrain is able to access global partnerships and programs which individual schools cannot access.

Reflecting Bahrain’s vision

BSB shares the Ministry of Education’s ambitions to further develop the quality of education in all schools across the Kingdom. Through their diverse and innovative network of Inspired schools, they are able to quickly learn new pedagogical practices and apply them to Bahrain. At this time, the use of technology to support learning and the development of 21st Century Skills is at the forefront of every school’s strategic plans.

Additionally, the British School of Bahrain is committed to its role as an active member of Bahrain’s local community – which extends not only to the people of Bahrain but also its environment. BSB regularly contributes to local societies and charities, such as the Bahrain Cancer Society and Think Pink. As a school that is embedded into the local community, BSB also hosts a weekly beach cleanup called the BSB Big Beach Clean, in which it is joined by families in its community to clean Bahrain’s shorelines. To date, over 10km of shoreline and over 600kg of rubbish have been cleared, with recyclable rubbish sent to Bahrain Precast Concrete for repurposing into furniture.

Furthermore, as part of the school’s encouragement of responsibility and leadership in its students, student- led clubs such as the Junior Eco Rangers and Sustainable Environmental Committee Organisation, who lead on awareness activities throughout the school as well as environmental initiatives across Bahrain.

BSB is proud to support the initiatives of the Kingdom in delivering the ambitious Economic Vision 2030 education programme that aims to provide the youth with an education that will provide them with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to become the future leaders of tomorrow.

By 2030, the British School of Bahrain aims to be recognised as a school that has played a pivotal role in supporting the development of Bahrain’s next generation of leaders who will have a tangible impact on the Kingdom and will spearhead the next stage of its development.

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