Bahraini student wins worldwide Korean-language speech contest


 A 19-year-old Bahraini student has won a Korean-language speech contest after beating 1,918 competitors from 76 countries worldwide.

Zahra Jaffar Ali Mohammed Hussain Al Safi, a student of British University of Bahrain, reached the finals alongside nine other contestants and on Thursday was declared the overall winner of the competition for the students of the King Sejong Institutes worldwide. A Turkish student, 25, came second, according to the Korean news agency Yonhap.

The topic of the event hosted by the Minister of Culture and Sports included “The Koreans I have met and the Koreans I have yet to meet.”

The finalists in the competition are granted the opportunity to study in one of eight universities across the country, starting next year.

She has studied Korean at Manama King Sejong Institute operated by the embassy of the Republic of Korea.

First Lady Kim Jeong- suk attended the speaking contest and encouraged the contestants to be a bridge between Korea, their countries and the world.

The Manama King Sejong Institute will receive 200 Korean books and 20 K-pop albums as an award from the First Lady in recognition of its merit for winning the top place through Zahra.

The competition was open to foreign students at the King Sejong Institutes worldwide and the final was held online in Seoul under the auspices of the Korean ministry of culture, sports and tourism and the King Sejong Institute.

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