Bahrain: Tamkeen partners with SANS Institute to provide cybersecurity training


Tamkeen Labour Fund established a strategic partnership with SANS Institute to provide quality training in cybersecurity for Bahrainis, starting with 200 graduates over the next 2 years.

This initiative is in line with Tamkeen’s strategic direction and comes as a response to the market needs that require high quality and specialized tech training opportunities for Bahrainis, and the pressing need for qualified professionals within the cybersecurity field. These opportunities will help upskill and reskill Bahrainis to fill this gap and establish sustainable career paths in the technology sector. 

There is currently a market gap for cybersecurity professionals in Bahrain, making it a highly in demand career option in several sectors such as financial services, ICT, and manufacturing. The importance of cybersecurity roles lies in safeguarding and protecting data, warding off online attacks and ensuring that information and data are not compromised in any way. These benefits are of high value to both organizations and governments, leading to increased demand for specialists in the field. The realm of cybersecurity provides diverse career paths and significant opportunities for professional growth and development, therefore offering the Bahrainis who are looking to specialize in it a competitive edge both locally and internationally.

Bahraini individuals and enterprises interested in participating in the SANS programs will be able apply directly through Tamkeen’s Train Me, Train & Grow, and Train & Place programs. More information on the application process, as well as the opening of applications will be announced through Tamkeen’s official social media channels. 

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