Bahrain: Special Teams To Prepare Lessons for Online Education


Education Minister Majid Bin Ali Al Nuaimi has expressed his appreciation to the work teams formed by the ministry to enhance its online educational portal and upload model lessons for students at all levels.

Public and private kindergartens, schools and universities have been shut down as a precautionary measure in the nationwide fight against the coronavirus.

However, this week, teachers have returned to schools and engaged in providing lessons online to help students advance in their studies and finish the curriculum.

The lessons plans and communication tools are being prepared by the ministry teams tasked with designing the online curricula for the various academic subjects for different educational stages.

The teams, comprised of specialists, have been working under the supervision of the curricula department.

“The formation of these teams aims to ensure providing educational services to students due to the current exceptional circumstances,” Al Nuaimi said.

“The ministry has told schools to reinforce and increase online learning opportunities through using the already uploaded lessons and extracurricular material as well as those being prepared. Teachers have also been told to provide explanations to students and to communicate with them through interactive activities, applications and digital discussions.”

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