Bahrain: School staff, teachers to start working from Sunday


The Ministry of Education has announced that the administrative, teaching and technical staff will start work on Sunday (October 4).

Bahrain had postponed the re-opening of public schools by two weeks in order to test all administrative, technical and teaching staff for coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a statement issued today, the ministry announced the staggered re-entry by 50 percent of the teaching staff, with rotated school attendance.

The administrative and technical staff as well as employees working at different ministry’s directorates and sections and the higher education sector are all required to attend.

 In a statement today, the ministry said 1% of the administrative, teaching and teaching staff failed today to respond to its call to undergo the PCR to ensure public safety.

The ministry has decided consequently not to allow them to return at the scheduled date, which is next Sunday, and special measures will be taken with those who did not respond to its call in accordance with the civil service regulations and laws.

School administrations will communicate with teachers to determine their attendance schedules to schools by rotation, and distribute assignments, whether by class attendance or remotely.

Meanwhile,  public school students will start the new school year on October 11, 2020. They will all be required to first to study remotely  at the beginning of the school year and for a period of two weeks – including students who chose physical school attendance, in addition to distance learning (blended learning).

The ministry pointed out that students wishing to physically attend classes would be allowed to return to their respective schools on October 25.

 The ministry said that it had completed all preventative  and safety measures and finalized preparations for the new school year.

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