Bahrain: MoE Clears Kindergarten Of Child Abuse Allegations


In response to widespread media reports, the Ministry of Education has denied allegations suggesting that a child suffered injuries in sensitive areas while attending a kindergarten.

The ministry said it took swift action upon receiving a complaint from the child’s parent, dispatching a team of specialists to investigate the incident at the facility.

Surveillance footage meticulously examined by ministry experts revealed no signs. of wrongdoing or unusual activity related to the child’s movements within the kindergarten premises.

Officials emphasised that every movement of the child at the facility is documented and subjected to thorough review by their team. Following a comprehensive investigation, ministry officials confirmed that there was no evidence to support claims of assault or accident involving the child during their time at the kindergarten.

Consequently, the ministry dismissed any allegations of negligence on the part of the kindergarten administration. Details of the investigation findings were promptly communicated to the child’s guardian through a dedicated messenger service.

Investigators also clarified that the scratches and bruises observed on the child were unrelated to any incident at the kindergarten. Despite efforts to engage with the guardian, who opted not to publicise the matter, they did not attend a scheduled appointment with the Child Protection Centre to further investigate the incident..

The Ministry of Education underscored its commitment to meticulously verifying all complaints as part of its oversight role over educational institutions.

They emphasised the importance of ensuring accuracy in the dissemination of information concerning educational facilities to uphold public trust and accountability

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