Bahrain Education Ministry Refers Report To Public Prosecution On Academic Fraud


The Ministry of Education has taken decisive action by referring a comprehensive report to the Public Prosecution about allegations of forged academic credentials linked to three applicants vying for roles in private educational institutions.

Upon meticulous scrutiny of the submitted documents and records, the Ministry of Education uncovered substantial irregularities.

Specifically, the authenticity of the qualifications presented by the applicants could not be substantiated even after diligent cross-verification with the relevant issuing institutions.

Consequently, the Ministry promptly compiled detailed reports encompassing the personal information of the individuals involved, as well as the falsified qualifications they had put forth.

Legal investigation These comprehensive reports have now been forwarded to the Public Prosecution, signalling the initiation of a legal investigation into the matter.

With an unwavering commitment to its educational and legal responsibilities, the Ministry of Education emphasises its steadfast dedication to safeguarding the integrity of the education sector.

The Ministry stated that it remains resolute in its pursuit of protecting educational inputs from any detrimental factors that may compromise the quality of education and impede desirable outcomes.

This resolute action by the Ministry serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards within the education sector and ensuring the trust and confidence of both students and the wider community.

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