Bahrain: AUBH concludes first Research Day


The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) concluded its first AUBH Research Day on March 10, 2022. The event which was hosted both on campus and virtually, facilitated attendance from the AUBH Community.

The full-day event provided a platform for participants to share their theoretical knowledge and research findings. The attendees were able to sharpen their knowledge and join the main talks, enrich the cross fertilization of ideas through several keynote speeches, learn about the different insights in different specialties through the professional training workshops, and gain a holistic hands-on learning experience.

National and international speakers included the University’s senior leadership, AUBH Founding President; Dr. Susan E. Saxton, CSUN Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Prof. Nhut Ho, Derasat Director of Research; Dr. Omar Al Ubaidly, and Tamkeen Chief Strategy and Data Analytics Officer; Dr. Jarmo Kotilaine.

Some of the discussed topics included: strengthening the relationship between policy and research in Bahrain, ways to make academic research relevant to the economy, convergence research, etc.

The outcome of this event will be utilized in drawing the AUBH research strategy for the coming three years.

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