Bahrain: ASB’s Grade 8 Students Make Transition into High School


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” —Sun Tzu

One of the most exciting periods of a young student’s academic journey is the move into High School. The Grade 8 students at the American School of Bahrain (ASB) recently commemorated this milestone during the Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony which took place on 20 June, 2022.

Each student was called up on stage and received a brief recognition of their strengths and achievements by the teachers, before being handed their certificate – making this an even more meaningful experience for the students.

ASB has always strived to bring out the best in their students by building a vibrant community which celebrates arts and sciences, family values, and a diverse culture. Students are encouraged to be curious and explore their interests by being inquisitive and adventurous, and by taking educated risks where they can learn from their mistakes and challenges.

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Offering a standards-based American curriculum from Pre-KG to Grade 12, ASB uses a technology-embedded learning approach which brings together STEAM learning, project-based learning with cross-curricular links and design thinking. To help the students develop their skills and interests both inside and outside of the classroom, a typical day at ASB is abuzz with arts, sports, and music.

The new chapter in these students’ journey will bring about new challenges and new experiences which will bring them one step closer to achieving their academic goals.

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