Bahrain announces changes in school timing to ease traffic


Bahrain has announced that the school day and bus departures have been rescheduled, starting from Thursday 15.

The move aims to ensure the interests of students and parents while maintaining the quality of the education and achieving coordination and integration among government departments in a way that contributes to providing the necessary flexibility in traffic, especially at peak times and facilitating the movement of school buses to and from public schools.

According to the Education Ministry’s decisions, the school day shall begin at 7:05 am at all public educational institutions, and end at 12:35 pm at primary schools (including those of the primary level of the Religious and Jaffari institutes), 1:30 pm at intermediate schools, 1:45 and 2:15 pm at secondary schools and the Religious and Jaffari institutes (for both the intermediate and secondary levels).

Regarding technical schools, the timing of the school day will remain unchanged, from 7:05 am to 1:45 for morning period students, and from 2:00 pm to 7:30 pm for the evening period students.

The buses would leave at 6:10 am for intermediate and secondary students, 5:45 am for secondary and technical students and at the same time (5:45) for the primary, intermediate and secondary students of the Religious and Jaffari institutes.

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