Bahrain: An afternoon of fine performing arts at ASB


“Music must take rank as the highest of the fine arts – as the one which, more than any other, ministers to the human spirit” – Herbert Spencer

A child learns and grows best when they are happy, being themselves, and having fun. The American School of Bahrain (ASB)’s Performing Arts programme enables students to express themselves artistically and explore the depths of their talents throughout the year.

The recent ASB Band in Concert led by music and band teacher Mr. Scott with the support of elementary music teacher Ms. Alicia, had parents, friends, and visitors enjoy a well-orchestrated mixture of percussion, woodwind, brass, and keyboard performances by the students at the school gymnasium.

Music is a regular part of ASB students’ day – an opportunity not many schools in the world have. The importance of the performing arts is recognised at the school and is regarded as a key component of a well-rounded academic curriculum.

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ASB strives to provide students with an outlet to share their talents and concerts where they can take centre-stage and shine allows them to experience and build confidence to fulfil their passions. Knowing that their talents are appreciated further encourages them to pursue music and the performance arts.

To know more about ASB’s music programme, call 17211800 or visit the ASB website.

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