Arabian Gulf University Hosts Workshop for Graduating Students in Collaboration with Tamkeen


In a voluntary initiative to support Bahrain’s graduating students through the AWS Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC), students from the University of Bahrain (UoB) and Bahrain Polytechnic (BP), in collaboration with Tamkeen attended a workshop by Mrs. Luma Alsalah, an English Language Instructor at Arabian Gulf University. The training was for students selected for top innovation projects and covered effective language and presentation skills as well as soft skills towards solving real-world problems in view of innovation and excellence.

The training was held at the AWS office in cooperation to present technology, business, and language aspects of preparing the senior students for their presentations to be conducted to sponsors in public sector organisations like Amakin, Uniroute and generative AI. The workshop tackled the significance of presentations while targeting the audience, overcoming stage fright, and making an impact, all while applying high language skills in delivery and speech.

Effective language and soft skills were emphasised throughout the training, as well as avoiding common errors made in public speaking and presentations. The training was a hands-on workshop where students applied the knowledge they gained in practice to present their work to sponsors, investors, and educators. The workshop aimed to empower Innovation Project students with essential skills vital for their academic and professional success, in addition to providing invaluable insights and preparing them for their future endeavours.

Bahrain’s senior students presented high-quality, innovative projects with highly effective language and presentation skills to industry members by applying innovative concepts and utilising the latest technologies.

It was a celebration of the accomplishments of universities in Bahrain as their students race into the future with their graduation projects. Indeed, Bahrain’s innovative senior students’ presentations were a showcase of empowering language and innovation, highlighting the Bahraini educational and professional visionary spirit and talent.


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