American School of Bahrain to welcome students with safe procedures


American School of Bahrain is leading the way with precautionary measures taken to reopen schools this September, ensuring campus health and safety for students to continue their education. The school is set to open its doors on September 13, 2020, operating in accordance with instructions from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. With technology-enabled classrooms, cutting-edge pedagogy and a cross-curricular advanced learning approach, ASB aims to maintain the educational standards they provide whilst prioritizing its students’ wellbeing.

“A collective and unified effort has never been more important than it is today. We are confident that the American School of Bahrain community will start our inaugural school year positively and successfully, and face our challenges with determination as we embark together on our journey of educational excellence,” said Founding Director, Dave McMaster.

Day-to-day protocol at ASB, for maintaining a COVID-19 safe school day, includes masks being worn and 1.5 meter social distancing being maintained at all times. ASB has also placed social distancing stickers around the school, to indicate safe distances between individuals. All classrooms, equipment, and toilets are disinfected after each use, and the school is focusing on the use of technology to minimize contact through paper. All students, staff and visitors must also undergo mandatory temperature screening before entering any buildings, classrooms or buses. Any individual showing signs of symptoms or temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be permitted entry into the building or buses and will follow ASB COVID-19 Exposure Protocol.

American School of Bahrain has also taken further safety precautions to ensure a safe learning environment, including electronically tracking student and staff attendance. This enables the system to trace student classes and teacher contact to maintain safe conditions. The student body will also be divided in four groups during entrance and exit procedures to ensure minimal student traffic and contact. Students will then be divided into small groups or classroom pods, and will not interact with other pods, to ensure safe conditions.

In efforts to maintain a safe environment with minimized physical contact, without compromising educational standards, ASB uses a variety of applications including Zoom and PowerSchool to ensure that parents stay updated on their child’s academic progress. Moreover, during these unprecedented times, ASB understands the toll the current situation can take on parent and student wellbeing and therefore offers appropriate emotional support through counsellors, the principal and teachers.

Aside from day-to-day operations and safety protocol, ASB is also thoroughly prepared to implement its COVID-19 Exposure protocol, which has been shared with ASP parents, in the event of exposure or mandatory quarantine. Students and teachers will use applications such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Seesaw, Google Suite and PowerSchool to complete assessments, assign work and also attend classes via live broadcasts.

“It is crucial, now more than ever, to ensure that health and safety is not compromised in efforts to continue daily life. Although this generation of children are experiencing unprecedented times and have faced many challenges as a result, American School of Bahrain is committed to providing a sense of ‘normal’ in the safest way possible. With the MOE and MOH guidelines coupled with the protocol implemented at ASB, the school is dedicated to successfully and safely providing students an exceptional education without putting them at a disadvantage due to the pandemic,” said Mr. McMaster.

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