American School of Bahrain kicks off new school year 2022-2023


The start of a school year is always an exciting time. The American School of Bahrain (ASB) has come a long way since it first opened in 2020 with 112 students and 40 staff and faculty members. This new school year, they welcomed 515 new and returning students, two new senior leaders, and 100 faculty members.

Before classes officially began, the new staff and faculty attended the new teachers’ orientation from 21-25 August. Among the new members are Middle & High School Principal, Dr. Juan Saavedra and new coordinator of the school’s Early Childhood Center, Ms. Casey Bucheler.

On 31 August, the new students also attended an orientation where they were taken on a tour to see their classrooms, meet their teachers, and participate in some activities. New ASB parents had the opportunity to meet with other parents and members of the senior team in the library over coffee and snacks.

ASB is holding another event in September where parents can seek further information about the curriculum and programmes offered.

The first official day of school for students was on 4 September from Grades 1-11 and 5 September for students from Pre-KG to KG2.

“As the ASB community continues to grow, we work hard to stay true to our commitment towards delivering a comprehensive learning experience in a positive school environment.”

Dave McMaster, Director, American School of Bahrain

A typical day for an ASB student is abuzz with arts, sports, and music, and you will rarely walk into a classroom to find them sitting in rows. They offer a holistic learning environment with a diverse range of activities and opportunities to enable students to be well balanced individuals. Their technology-embedded learning approach brings together STEM learning, project-based learning with cross-curricular links and design thinking.

For more information and to learn more about their educational program, call +973 1721 1800 or visit https://www.asb.bh/.

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