Academic Year Will Conclude On June 3rd: Ministry Of Education


The Ministry of Education has announced the timeline for key academic events and scholarship opportunities for the 2024 academic year.

According to the announcement, all academic results are scheduled for release during the second week of June.

The remaining stages of the current academic year will see the resumption of school hours and the commencement of final examinations from today.

The academic year will conclude on June 3, marking the last day of school and the end of the examination period.

Subsequently, administrative and educational bodies will start transition to summer vacation mode starting July 1.

Scholarship Regarding scholarship opportunities, the Ministry disclosed plans to unveil the study scholarship program for the 2024 academic year in July.

The scholarship plan will feature a significant development, with six scholarships earmarked for the US and Britain.

Prospective applicants must secure initial admission to an American or British university to compete for these scholarships, with selection criteria based solely on GPA.

Nursing specialty The Ministry announced plans to allocate additional seats and bolster the nursing specialty.

The announcement of missions and scholarships is scheduled for August, providing further opportunities for aspiring scholars.

The Ministry’s proactive approach underscores its commitment to facilitating educational advancement and providing students with diverse opportunities for academic and professional growth.

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