Abu Dhabi’s New Schools To Promote Affordable Education and Flexible Learning


Abu Dhabi has opened 11 new private and charter schools to help meet the needs of a growing pupil population amid a nationwide education sector boom.

About 15,000 extra school places were created and more than 450 teachers hired for the start of the new academic year as part of a major drive to deliver top class education across the capital.

Abu Dhabi’s new schools are championing affordable education, embracing technology, supporting families through flexible start times, and joining forces with leading global institutions to help shape young minds.

Seven new charter schools opened for the start of the academic year, a further boost to a rapidly expanding education initiative.

Charter schools work on the public-private model, under which the government builds the infrastructure and then allows a private partner to manage the school.

Currently, 50,476 pupils are enrolled at charter schools in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi’s Department of Education and Knowledge said the new charter schools to open this term were Al Bayan School and Atfal Al Emarat in Bani Yas, Al Hosoon School in Mazyad, Mubarak bin Mohammed School in Al Manhal, Al Ghaf School in Al Khibeesi, Al Qeyam School in Al Shamkhah and Seer Bani Yas School in Al Danah.

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