A Symphony of Talent and Creativity at The American School of Bahrain


A vibrant celebration of music unfolded as the American School of Bahrain hosted its much-anticipated Winter Band Concert. Around 200 young musical talents took centre stage, their performances captivating the audience comprised of parents, faculty, and the extended school community. Scott Rogal, the music and band teacher, guided his students to deliver an enthusiastic and riveting performance.

The American School of Bahrain is home to the Performing Arts Department, which serves as a creative hub, offering students a canvas to reveal their potential through the universal languages of music, theatre, and dance. Students are engaged in several activities provided by the department that instill educational values such as craftsmanship, discipline, teamwork, mutual support, individuality, and self-discovery. By cultivating a safe environment, students are encouraged to take bold, creative risks.

In the tradition of its sister schools within the Esol Education fraternity, the Performing Arts Department of the American School of Bahrain is establishing a lasting legacy of school musicals and performances. These productions are expected to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their performance skills, collaborate across different disciplines, and experience the thrill of bringing a whole school production to fruition, from the initial stages of poster design to the final act of ticket sales.

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