6 Saudi Schools Suspend Classes Over Virus Infection


Education authorities in central Saudi Arabia have ordered a three-day suspension of classes in six schools and a shift to online teaching after viral infection cases were detected.

The suspension, which took effect from Tuesday, was ordered by the education department in Al Mithnab governorate, part of Al Qassim, in response to an alert from health authorities in the area of Northern Kharma about the spread of a seasonal flu viral infection among students and teachers of the schools.

The schools, where classes were suspended, are being sterilised, and in-person classes will resume on Sunday.

The virus, which hit these schools, is seasonal and the shift to online teaching came after a rise in infection cases.

On the first day of infection, around 140 cases were recorded and 70 others on the following day. Sources put the total number of infection cases among students and teachers at 300.

Health authorities in Al Qassim, meanwhile, said the infection is not a cause for worry and is seasonal. “The decision to suspend classes is discretionary,” it added, according to Okaz.

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