5 Reasons To Consider Enrolling at the University of Technology Bahrain


Choosing the right university can be an overwhelming process. It’s important to consider how the experience will help prepare you for a future in the field. Gone are the days when courses were limited to the Science, Commerce, and Arts fields. As career horizons expand, it’s crucial to set yourself on an educational journey that’s in tune with the evolving needs of the job market.

Take for instance, the University of Technology Bahrain (UTB). In 2021, the institution rebranded to a vibrant identity to stay relevant in the changing educational landscape.

During our recent visit to the University, we learned what makes UTB an impressive choice for those pursuing their higher education.

Unique Programmes for Careers of Today

The University of Technology Bahrain offers unique, career-focused programmes in the fields of computer science, engineering, and business that meet the dynamic demands of today’s job market. What sets these programmes apart is their accreditation by respected bodies, like ABET and ECBE, ensuring the highest quality. These are also approved by Bahrain’s Higher Education Council and accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Education. 

Recently, the University has launched Bachelor’s programmes in Environmental Engineering, Accounting and Finance, and Information Technology with a major in Applications Development, Data Analytics and AI, and Networking and Cybersecurity, alongside the introduction of International Foundation Year in collaboration with NCUK. Additionally, UTB is preparing to launch new HEC-Bahrain-approved Master’s programmes that are responsive to market trends and demands.

Furthermore, UTB has also developed valuable partnerships with top-tier international universities and professional organisations, enriching its offerings.

Enriched Student Experience

The University consistently invests in campus facilities, upgrading everything from buildings and IT systems to sports fields, auditoriums, classrooms, lobbies, and cafeterias. 

Apart from having top-notch facilities, UTB is all about students’ well-being, which has been reflected in its recognition as a WHO Healthy University, and goes all in when it comes to students’ academic and personal success. Comprehensive support services like advising, tutorial assistance, counselling, and job placements are provided to ensure students thrive in every aspect.

The University is not just about books and classrooms; it has a buzzing campus life with cultural multidiversity, and active student organisations, including the Student Council, Cybersecurity Club, English Club, and Sports Club. UTB’s students have made a mark for themselves in international, regional, and local competitions, which is a testament to the opportunities provided. But that’s not all the excitement around here. UTB is collaborating with GFH Financial Group, World Aquatics, and the Bahrain Olympic Committee to turn its facility into a world-class Aquatic Sports hub!

Night Classes for Working Professionals

For working professionals aiming to boost their careers, UTB offers flexible class schedules. The programmes cater to students with full-time jobs by providing classes from Sunday to Thursday with morning and evening options for Bachelor’s programmes, while conducting Master’s classes exclusively on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays), allowing them to step up their professional qualifications and career plans.

Affordable Education

UTB understands the importance of accessible education. The University offers competitive tuition fees, making quality education budget-friendly for a broader range of students.

It also extends scholarship grants to eligible students and provides flexible installment payment methods, allowing students and families to manage their finances effectively.

Ideal Location

UTB’s strategic location makes it ideal for students living in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and other nearby areas. Situated close to essential stops, including a fuel station and corner shops, the campus is easily accessible, ensuring convenience for students’ daily commutes.

Let’s get an Insider’s view of the University of Technology Bahrain campus!

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