10 Outstanding Schools in Bahrain


Nine government schools along with one private school in Bahrain were rated “Outstanding” by the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA). This information was taken from the authority’s latest annual report.

According to the report, these schools have maintained their outstanding performance over BQA’s consecutive review cycles.

Umm Ayman Primary Girls School

Location: HooraTel: 17294707, Fax: 17291829email: [email protected]

Khadija Al-Kubra Intermediate Girls School

Location: MuharraqTel: 17344213, Fax: 17344130email: [email protected]

Khawla Secondary Girls School

Location: GudaibiyaTel: 17742942, Fax: 17742922email: [email protected]

Hassan Bin Thabet Primary Boys School

Location: MuharraqTel: 17324050, Fax: 17323147.email: [email protected]

Mariam Bint Omran Primary Girls School

Location: MuharraqTel: 17344623, Fax: 17342684email: [email protected]

West Riffa Primary Girls School

Location: RiffaTel: 17661234, Fax: 17650501email: [email protected]

Al-Sehlah Primary Girls School

Location: JidhafsTel: 17400086email: [email protected]

Aminah Bint Wahab Primary Girls School

Location: MuharraqTel: 17324030, Fax: 17322834email: [email protected]

Al-Sanabis Primary Girls School

Location: SanabisTel: 17550452, Fax: 17553830email: [email protected]

Nadeen School

Location: AdliyaTel: 17728886, Fax: 17728 886,email: [email protected], www.nadeenschool.com

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